Shop Allie B - 15 Blazer Looks to Stand Out in 2022

15 Blazer Looks to Stand Out in 2022

15 Blazer Looks to Stand Out in 2022. The blazer stopped being a trendy garment to become a simple and timeless piece. Years go by, and they continue to be present on the runways with each new season.


Left behind is the classic beige, black, or navy-blue color we usually see. This garment has evolved to transform and become a garment for many uses and adapt to different tastes and styles.


Since it is such a versatile piece of clothing, today we will talk about the blazer, how to buy the right one and the trends for 2022.


Origin of the blazer


Shop Allie B - 15 Blazer Looks to Stand Out in 2022The blazer, as we know it today, became known to the world with the creation of the pantsuit by André Courrèges in 1964. It reached its popularity in the 80s, when it got introduced as part of the wardrobe in film productions, giving way to the reinvention of the garment to give way to prints, colors, and other styles.


In the ’90s and 2000s, we left aside the use of the blazer with matching pants. They appeared independently with other garments such as jeans and as a third piece of the look.


However, in its strict sense and original version, the jacket or blazer has a much older origin. This model took inspiration from the uniforms of the sailors’ crews in England, causing a furor, and this model was made for fashion purposes.


But it was Coco Chanel who introduced the women’s jacket to the fashion world in 1914 when she designed a cropped blazer suit with an ankle-length skirt.


In 1952, the jacket was shown in a very commercial way. An article about it got published in the Lady Margaret Boat Club of Cambridge, taking the name of the blazer because of a model in deep red.


Since then, and up to the present day, this garment has been reinvented in different styles, designs, and colors, yet we still recognize it in all versions as a blazer.


Make the right choice when buying a blazer


When buying a blazer, the first thing to consider is the fit. If you go for the classic model, the hem should reach the hip, the sleeves should reach the first joint of the thumb, and should be just at the shoulders.


In the case of oversize models, the fit takes a back seat, given the main feature of the garment. However, when choosing a garment of this type, make sure that of the 3 key elements that the piece must have, namely: shoulder adjustment, length, and sleeve extension, it has the presence 2 of them. This way it will not look like clothes that are too big for you.


Regarding the material, here it will depend on your taste and style. And, of course, consider the season in which you are in, your city, and what occasions you plan to use the garment – whether to go to work, casual or formal outings.


Variety is what currently exists in the market concerning blazers, and there is one for every taste, budget, and occasion you need; just look at the details, try to have the features we mentioned for the best fit, and look good on your silhouette and go according to the environment where you are going to use it. 


In 2022, the dominant trend is the explosion of color. This year the blazer comes with a striking proposal, taking us back to 2010, even to the 90s, where color and neon were the must-haves of the moment.


So, take note because these will be the trends of 2022 and how you will wear the blazer.


Blazer trends for 2022


In pink


Pink in its various shades will be one of the dominant colors present in the blazer this year as a softer option, but also, the striking street style will be the king of this season.


Pastel colors


A way to enhance the romantic style, and if you want to continue in spring-summer mode, these tones are ideal. It is a very subtle way to put color into your outfit and make it look delicate and elegant at the same time. You can even get a pure or minimalist style at the same time.




It’s time to play with the chromatic circle. Choose two strong tones to combine and achieve a strong and striking outfit with many personalities.


Total look


The monochrome was imposed in 2022, and there are no exceptions concerning how to wear the blazer. Select your favorite color or tone and take advantage of this trend best.


Wear it with a top


Whether it’s a crop top or a lingerie style, wearing your blazer with matching pants or another garment on the bottom will go beautifully with a garment like this. You can show skin or wear it longer, it will still look sexy and very feminine.


Glam style


And by glam, we mean glitter, fabrics in silver, gold, and any other metallic color that raises the tone of the look. Try to combine it with basic garments not to overload the whole outfit.


Boho look

With dresses and wide skirts, palazzo style pants and floral prints, and neutral tones, it is perfect if this way of dressing goes with you.


In neon


Vibrant and flashy colors are the main proposal in blazers for this year. A good neon is not far behind and continues to dominate the trends in terms of dress style. Wear it however you want and what makes you feel most comfortable.


With layers


Layering is the technique known as \ wearing several pieces of clothing, one on top of the other. And, of course, the blazer is ideal for achieving this look and combining it with shirts, tops, and vests. You can place the blazer as the last or penultimate layer before a larger coat if the season or the place where you live warrants it.


With a skirt


The skirt is an excellent piece to wear with the blazer. It is an ideal work look that exudes femininity, distinction, and elegance. For the evening, you can choose a sexier cut skirt and transform the outfit in minutes.


As a dress


As we mentioned in the boho style, the blazer with a dress does not fail. Either long or short with high boots, they are two garments that go very well together and can make you look casual or sexy depending on the length of it.


Lots of shine


Sequined blazers in different shades and colors will be perfect for those night outings and trips to the disco. There is no doubt you will dazzle wherever you go.


With basics


The blazer itself is already a basic garment, so with other similar items, it will go just as well. Plus, wearing a striking blazer with a piece such as a white T-shirt will stand out from the rest.


Shop Allie B - Pop up colorsWith prints


Can you wear a printed blazer with other printed garments? Sure, if possible, just follow the rules for the double print combination and look for the transition color to meet the requirements for wearing this type of look.


The blazer is a piece that should not be missing from your closet. So, to put together a good supply of this garment, look for at least 2 basic garments that go with most of your clothes and a few others in trend for those special occasions.

Allie B - How To Wear A Blazer Many Ways & Are You Using It To Its Full Potential?

How To Wear A Blazer Many Ways & Are You Using It To Its Full Potential?

How To Wear A Blazer Many Ways & Are You Using It To Its Full Potential? A blazer is a type of jacket reminiscent of a suit jacket, but it is cut more casually and is more versatile. Blazers are something that you wear more than once, so they can be the most important item of clothing in a women’s closet.


Altogether, Blazers aren’t just meant for the office anymore, as they can easily be worn for any occasion, from brunch to date night.


Blazers can also be worn all year round. In the winter, you would want to wear a blazer that is winter-ready with heavier material, and in the warmer months, a blazer that is made from a lightweight material can be worn to create a more relaxing and laid-back vibe. There are so many different styles and colors of blazers, so have fun as you pair them with your favorite outfits! 


A blazer can add a new look to your outfit and bring it to life! Regarding fashion, I have no limits, so why should you? Here are some helpful tips:


  1. Allie B - How To Wear A Blazer Many Ways & Are You Using It To Its Full Potential?Go simple with jeans or shorts and a T-shirt.
  2. Add a scarf for extra warmth in the winter.
  3. Wear with a crop top.
  4. Throw a blazer on over a dress.
  5. Pair a blazer with sweats or joggers.
  6. Layer one over wide-leg pants.
  7. Wear a blazer as a jacket.
  8. Go with a traditional plaid blazer.
  9. Be playful with an oversized blazer over a bra-top.
  10. Grab a great faux leather blazer that instantly adds style to any outfit.
  11. Wear a colorful blazer with bold prints underneath. Make dressing fun!
  12. Use a blazer to dress up biker shorts.
  13. Find a relaxed fit suit and wear them together or separately with sneakers or heels.
  14. For you 9-5 people, you can wear a blazer over a blouse and pencil skirt or slim work trousers with heels.


Come on let me see what you got 😊