Shop Allie B - Types of Dresses, Uses, and Trends for Summer 2022

Types of Dresses, Uses, and Trends for Summer 2022

Types of Dresses, Uses, and Trends for Summer 2022. The summer season is ideal for activating our creativity, creating eye-catching combinations, and using garments we don’t normally take out of our closet.


Thanks to the season’s high temperatures, this is favorable for cool garments, especially for the use of dresses. This is one of the most favorite pieces of clothing to use these days for its comfort and versatility, allowing you to combine it with accessories and other types of clothing.


Summer is synonymous with sandals, hats, sunglasses, swimsuits, handbags, and dresses. Long, medium, short, and soft fabrics, light colors, necklines, and openings. Here the selection is up to you according to your style and taste.


In addition, this garment is suitable for going to the beach and casual outings in the city, both day and night.


Thanks to its versatility, the dress has to be in your closet not only for the summer but for the rest of the year and to guide you at the time of purchase, know the trends for this season 2022.


Dress trends for summer 2022




Printed fabrics are a bet that does not fail in summer dresses. Flowers, stripes, bacteria, polka dots, and abstracts, among others, are an ideal option to wear to the beach, always being successful for both day and evening outings. 


Pastel and flashy colors


Both soft and pastel colors, as well as more active and vibrant colors, are allowed and accepted. Summer is the perfect time to wear clothes that stand out. One way to achieve this is through striking colors and designs, such as some with puffed sleeves, necklines, openings, and shirts, among others.


Shop Allie B - Fashion StyleLingerie style


It is chameleon style.


With sandals, it goes well for the day, and a change of heels is perfect for a night out.


The lingerie look is here to stay since, with the changing seasons; the garments with this feature are becoming versioned to adapt to the trend of the moment.


Cut-out dresses


Another garment that has been very popular this year and has been trending for a while now is the cut-out. This presents strategic openings and clothing, and dresses do not escape this trend. Besides being fresh, they are very sexy and attractive.


In white


They are closet basic and will be your ideal garment for the summer and the rest of the year. A white dress is very easy to combine and mix with other clothes and colors; plus, just imagine how it will look with your tan, simply spectacular.




Sequins are not just for fancy events. Today they are accepted for more casual occasions and all seasons. Therefore, you can wear a sequin dress for summer evenings out and elevate your look to the max.


Shop Allie B - Types of Dresses, Uses, and Trends for Summer 2022Mini dresses


Another trend for 2022 is the mini dresses and miniskirts, but the dress version is a garment that you must have on hand these days and show off your legs at their best.




These dresses, besides being beautiful, are comfortable and useful because you can wear them both on and off the beach.


They have several pockets throughout the garment so that you can store small things in them, and they go well with sandals, boots, or shoes with running soles.


With side slits


A very sexy option is with slits on the sides. Besides being very useful and successful for visits to the beach or pool this summer, they are also a very cool type of dress for these hot days.


Butterfly sleeves


This sleeve type is not a novelty; however, it was more common to see them on T-shirts. This year, they are incorporated into dresses for a striking proposal this summer, accompanied by vibrant and pastel colors to complete a perfect outfit.


Shirt style


This type of dress cut is very comfortable, fresh, and able to make you look well dressed in a matter of seconds, with the ability to adapt to different environments and occasions. The best part? It looks good on women, young adults, and older.


Midi dress with puffed sleeves


Another type of dress that is very versatile for being able to be used both for day and evening outings is the midi dress with puffed sleeves. It can be worn with sandals for the beach, with a sole to go to a meeting, or with heels for the evening. The dress adapts to the moment so that it will be the favorite of many this summer.


In short, the dress is a versatile and very feminine garment. With the right accessories and the ideal design for your body type, it will be the perfect and favorite garment in your closet in summer and throughout the year.


You can put together infinite combinations and styles based on this one piece, so don’t miss the opportunity to look spectacular at any time and place.