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Finding and Defining your Style

Finding and Defining your Style. Maybe you have heard or read about personal style. The details that characterize us and make us recognizable among others make up personal style.


Sometimes it is not so easy to find and define it. Maybe because we like different styles or we dress according to our mood, or we simply do not know how to buy what suits us according to our figure, or skin color, among others.


But achieving this is not impossible or difficult; it all lies in one important detail: self-knowledge. From this, we will be able to determine our style with greater precision and perfect it as we learn more about fashion and understand it.


And to help you, today we are going to talk about how you can successfully find and define your personal style and how this can give you the confidence and security you need to dress.


Personal style


Shop Allie B - Finding and Defining your StyleIt is necessary to start by defining what personal style is. We can understand how our look, image, or appearance reflects our personality and our inclinations in terms of tastes and preferences through clothes by how we manage trends and fashions.


Personal style is not about “being trendy” or dressing according to what is in vogue at any given moment; it is more about how we incorporate these trendy garments into our closets and what we normally wear to enhance our image.


When we choose a specific garment, color, texture, cut, length, print, etc., we are defining our style. We are defining our style because we select all this based on our cultural and social tastes, the environment in which we live, and above all, our way of life.


All this together will reflect confidence, security, creativity, and assertiveness when dressing.


Ways to reflect our personal style


We reflect personal style from head to toe, feet, from the hair clip we use to our socks, shoes, and nail polish color. It will make our fashion preferences and choices known.


Even our gestures, expressions, and how we walk mark part of our style and how we show it to the world.


Ways to identify personal style


My personal style is not strict. It is not limited to one specific style or to specific garments, colors, fabrics, or shapes. We can adapt to a situation that requires a special dress code, such as work, formal events, or seasons of the year, and be able to dress differently for each individual.


Thus, we would feel influenced by different styles, but we add our essence and personal touch. The passage of time also influences us because it brings with it past fashions and garments that were used years ago that burst into the present. If at the time in our history, we were very small or simply that time did not go with our style, it is possible that with its return, we dare to use something that at another time we did not.


Now, you need to know that there are different styles, and it is necessary to know each one to know which one matches our way of dressing and thus be able to work in a better and more effective way in everything related to our image.


Types of styles


To know a little more about fashion and especially about ourselves and our way of dressing, you must know that there are different types of styles, which are:




It is traditional, sober, achieves a minimalist image, and uses many basic garments. We can also associate it with elegance and sophistication.




It is a style that is distinguished by the beauty and delicacy of its pieces and the softness of its colors, finding garments in floral prints with lace, ribbons, pastel, and light tones.




Simplicity, naturalness, and comfort distinguish it.


As its name suggests, it aims for a clean and neat image. It is not a flashy style but rather leans towards discretion, even in how you wear your make-up.




It is characterized by being eye-catching and aiming to mix colors and textures to attract attention.


Sporty chic


The sporty style, but with more elegant and casual garments to mix fabrics, colors, and different types of shoes, handbags, and accessories.




It is very feminine and aims sensually by using textures and garments that fit close to the body, necklines, short dresses and skirts, and flashy and large accessories.




As its name states, elegant garments are used, with fine fabrics and limited use, since they are intended for events and special occasions.




Asymmetrical cuts and out-of-the-ordinary prints dominate it, and more geometrically inclined and futuristic looking.


Learn to identify your personal style


To make it easier for you to find out what your style is, we give you these recommendations:




This is the first and most important step to start defining your style. As long as you know your skin tone, temperature, and chromatic circle, you will know which colors suit you best, and you will be able to take advantage of this aspect.


Know your body type


Another very important aspect is to be aware of our body type. Based on this, we can choose the right clothes and accessories that fit us well, highlighting our strengths and disguising those less flattering areas to give us the image we want.


Identify what you like


Our tastes are varied, and learning to identify and know what we like and don’t like is crucial to building our personal style. How we feel when we see a specific piece of clothing, colors, and textures will help us achieve our main goal.


Imagine yourself in different situations


Imagine how you would dress for different occasions, what you would wear, what colors you would choose, textures, and accessories, among others. Once you make your mind map, you can determine if these suit you and your morphology.


Search for inspiration


The internet helps us a lot and guides us; there, we can find millions of combinations and types of garments that we can see and that will serve as inspiration to dress.


Therefore, a recommendation of many fashion experts is to create a board. The Pinterest application allows us to choose images of clothes we like and classify them and thus know which styles we are more interested in or which suits us. It also supports us to have infinite ideas to dress and always have that extra help.


Clean your closet


You may have a lot of garments in storage; however, not all of them may fit you or match your personality or morphology.


Therefore, it is important that while you are getting to know your style, you do a thorough cleaning of your closet and identify all those clothes that you do not wear, as well as those that do not fit you or you do not like and throw them away, sell them or donate them.


This way, you can have space for new clothes and keep only what is useful and what you really like and thus have a functional closet.


Know the colors that suit you


Earlier, we mentioned the importance of knowing about colorimetry and your skin temperature, whether warm or cold, to determine the colors that suit you best.


Give importance to the basics


When shopping, take preference for basic garments. They are neutral, timeless, and combined with many other clothing pieces, allowing you to create endless combinations for different occasions, even elegant ones.


In addition, it is a way to achieve a functional closet and always have something to wear.


Quality garments; long-term investment


We are referring to good-quality pieces of clothing that are timeless and that will last over time. Investing in one or two garments with these characteristics assures you that you will have them for a long time without needing to replace them often. An example of this is a pair of good brand jeans or a pair of shoes made of strong material.


Benefits of defining a personal style


Shop Allie B - Black outfitsCost-efficient


By having a defined personal style, you know what you want and need to buy without spending large amounts of money on clothes you won’t wear or that don’t fit you well. You can get to the point and be concise in your selections.


Boosts your self-esteem


Nothing gives us more confidence than feeling good in what we wear. It’s a way to empower ourselves and reflect a confident attitude wherever we are.


Achieving objectives


First impressions count a lot. Dressing for success works; either for that job you want to get, for that romantic date where you want to shine, or for that meeting with friends where you want to stand out by feeling good and comfortable so others will notice.


Project your personality and reflect your attributes through your clothes and personal style so that what you wear always makes you feel good and confident about yourself.

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