Shop Allie B - Know these terms in fashion world: Joggers Pants and Jogger Suits

Know these terms in the fashion world: Joggers Pants and Jogger Suits

Know these terms in the fashion world: Joggers Pants and Jogger Suits. Fashion comfort is no longer negotiable. For some time now, garments that not only make us look good but also provide us with comfort when wearing them have been increasingly important.


One factor that had a considerable influence on this was obviously the pandemic, in which, besides the time we had to stay confined, home clothes were our best ally. When we went outside again, we wanted to continue to maintain that comfort mode.


One option that was already in trend was the use of sporty chic clothing, with which we had both comfort and a casual style without much fuss.


But what garments can we use to put this look together? Well, the famous and classic tracksuit, which today we know as a jogger, jogger pants, or jogger suits, is the protagonist of this type of outfit. And if you thought this type of clothing was something new or creation of modern times, read on to tell you how these pieces have been around much longer than you thought.


Origin of the word Jogger


The jogger is a term that comes from the word jogging, which means to execute the physical activity of trotting or running, so it relates to the clothing used for that purpose.


History of the jogger


The original idea was to make sweatshirts and sweatpants, but they mistakenly made these pieces in twill stretch, which is a fabric similar to gabardine. However, the mistake was an opportunity to market the product, as they saw it as a versatile garment and a new option in the market due to the shortage of clothing options.


This set of sweatshirts and pants consequently became sportswear. They used it for activities such as aerobics, walking, jogging, and running, because, thanks to its loose-fitting design and soft and flexible fabric, it was ideal for physical activity, as it allowed for ease of movement.


For the more demure people who did not like wearing light garments or bare legs, it was the ideal outfit because it comprised a pair of pants that went from the waist, where there was an elastic band that adjusted in this area, to the ankles with cuffs that prevented the garment from moving from its place.


Therefore, for many years its use was purely sports-related.


Evolution of the jogger


Nowadays, it is no secret that this outfit is no longer used for sports activities but for casual wear, even for occasions requiring a little more grooming.


The structure of the pieces remains the same, with elastic at the top to adjust to the waist/hip, cuffs at the ends of the ankles and handcuffs, and looseness in both the pants and the sweatshirt.


But as far as designs and colors are concerned, many combinations have arisen. We can even find them in printed fabrics, the imagination is the limit.


And as we know, fashion adapts in time, and trends are setting the tone concerning how a garment will get its use today. That is, in the 80s, the jogger suit was used to exercise with sneakers, but in 2022, we wear them to go out partying and with heels, and so has been the magical evolution of this outfit.


Jogger/Jogger Suit


The difference between one and the other is the sweatshirt. The jogger refers only to the pants already described, and the jogger suit to the complete set of pants with matching sweatshirts to wear either together or separately. So when we talk about joggers, we only refer to the lower part and jogger suit to the same pants with sweatshirts.


Types of jogger


Nowadays, joggers are made in various fabrics since they are no longer exclusively for sports use so that we can find them in cotton, jersey, corduroy, and on any occasion. 


And just as there is a variety of fabrics, there are also different types:




The most common and preferred, thanks to their comfort and versatility, since we can use them to be at home, exercise, and for casual outings when we want to be comfortable.



This type of jogger suit is usually of fabrics such as gabardine, linen, drill, etc., which makes it much more casual when you need more arrangement and more presentable for certain occasions.




We can find them in fabrics considered formal or elegant. However, the jogger is not a garment for such occasions because of its shape. However, we can use them for casual occasions that do not meet etiquette requirements. For a chic touch, you can wear it with a denim jacket, garments, neons, or basic shirts.




Unlike the classic one we have been describing, this model is tight to the body while remaining comfortable, as it is made of the same soft fabrics, providing both comfort and style.




Slouchy is associated with bloomers, so this model is categorized as oversized or boyfriend type if we think of jeans, so it is a model for those who want extra comfort.


Regular cut


The cut is straighter than the rest of the models, and they neither fit nor are completely wide.




Just like the cargo pants, these also have pockets on the sides, using more resistant materials such as polyester for this type of model, without leaving the cotton aside.


Jogger suit is the best choice


Shop Allie B - Know these terms in fashion world: Joggers Pants and Jogger SuitsThe comfy trend will continue to dominate the trends, so we will see many garments become fashionable and get out of the public eye. However, the jogger suit will continue to dominate the tastes of both young girls and adults in search of street style and comfort at the same time.


Another point in favor of this set is the coming arrival of autumn and later winter, which adds points in favor of continuing using it since, for its materials, it also represents a way to be warm in the day-to-day.


The jogger suit, without a doubt, is a piece of clothing that we should all have in our closet, either to put together a street wear outfit or a more casual and elaborate one. It is possible to wear it with sneakers, sandals, or even heels, using light or dark colors, with rhinestones, among others.


The jogger suit is the ideal garment for those who want to look stylish without sacrificing comfort and style.


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