Allie B - Learn About Color Trends for each Skin Tone in 2022

Learn About Color Trends for each Skin Tone in 2022

Learn About Color Trends for each Skin Tone in 2022. A frequent concern women have when picking an outfit is figuring out which colors suit them the best. Determining which tones enhance our look is a very powerful ace up our sleeve. To get this aspect of colorimetry right, it is necessary, first, to know what type of skin tone we have and, second, what colors go well with that particular tone.


Read on to find out your skin tone and which colors suit you best.


Know your skin tone


First of all, it is necessary to point out that there are 2 main skin undertones: cold and warm. In the first division are those with bluish and pinkish tones, while warm skin tones have golden and yellow tones, among others. When in doubt, there are 3 ways to determine what type of skin tone you have:


Allie b - Cozy Fashion pink clothesVein color


The first way to determine if you have a warm or cold skin tone is to look at the color of your veins.


If they are blue or violet, you have a cold undertone.


If your veins are green, you have a warm undertone.


Gold/silver accessories


Another option is to take gold and silver accessories and place them next to your skin. The one that looks better can help you define your tone. If gold suits you better, you fall in the warm skin tone category. On the contrary, if silver suits you better, you likely have a cold skin tone.


Pink and orange


Finally, you can test it with clothes. Try on a pink top and then an orange top. If you look better in pink, you have a cool skin tone, and if you look better in orange, you have a warm skin tone.


Skin types and their characteristics


Once you have done the previous exercises and have determined whether you have cold or warm undertones, it’s time to go deeper into the characteristics of each type.


Doing so can more easily understand yourself and how to dress to achieve the best effect.


Cold skin tone


Cold skin tones can include white, cream, ash, and olive. People with these skin tones often have light, medium, and dark brown hair and grayish, ashy, and blond hair tones. Cold-skin-toned people can have eye colors of all shades: blue, brown, gray, and green, all in different tones.


Warm skin tone


People with a warm skin tone may have a yellow, vanilla, cream, ivory, cinnamon, tan, brown, or golden base. These people may have freckles and likely have light blond, golden, copper, blond, reddish, and chocolate hair colors. They may have blue, green, amber, olive, brown, or honey eye colors.


As you can see, each type has a diversity of tones and hair and eye colors, so some people may even fall into both categories. This diversity also allows us a sea of possibilities when it comes to choosing clothes.


Colors according to skin type for this year


Here are the currently trending colors according to skin tone:


Cool skin tones


For cool skin tones, cool and dark colors such as black, navy blue, purple, red, bottle green or emerald, and magenta tend to suit you well. Additionally, neons and light tones such as white, yellow, pale yellow, pale pink, mint green, silver, or gray also work. You should avoid beige, earth tones, military green, or gold if possible.


Warm skin tones


For warm skin tones, you can combine and use clothing in yellow, gold, salmon, blue, vibrant orange, caramel, gold, ivory and lime green, mustard, coral, terracotta, camel, khaki, or brown. Avoid very dark colors such as black, dark gray, ocher, navy blue, pastel colors, or wine.


It is important to note that your eye color will always be the same; however, hair and even skin itself can vary when we undergo hair dyeing or bleaching treatments or when we expose ourselves to external agents such as the sun, pollution, and others.


Our skin color can be altered, looking more tanned or golden, or it may become paler if you don’t go out much.


So be aware that this color recommendation is not linear or binding. If you have a cold skin tone and lie in the sun during the summer, you may end up with a warm skin tone later, so you can also use colors meant for warm skin tones.


Intermediate skin


There is a middle zone where we can include skin types that are neither entirely cold nor entirely warm but have both traits. People with intermediate skin tones are light but not extremely white or pink, presenting golden or olive or yellow tints, even tanned in certain areas, so their skin tends to go well with most colors. So, suppose you felt confused because you fall into both skin tone categories. In that case, you may just have an intermediate tone, which is lucky for you because you have a lot more versatility in terms of the colors and combinations available to you.


Dark skin


For people with dark skin tones, choosing colors is not difficult because most colors are flattering on you. People with beautiful brown skin should wear cheerful and vibrant colors to highlight and emphasize their skin color. So white, yellow, Fuschia, green, pastels, and neons go really well with these skin tones. Earth tones also look great on people with dark skin, but saving them for the fall and winter is better.


Colors to stylize the figure


As a bonus, we leave you with these tips to help you visually stylize your body with color while dressing:


  • Allie B - Learn About Color Trends for each Skin Tone in 2022To make yourself look slimmer, opt for black, gray, neutral tones, and dark tones in general, but always be careful of the type of fabric and the way it falls, as these aspects can affect how slimming the outfit actually is. Another styling trick for slimming your appearance is to wear vertical stripes or small and discreet prints.
  • If, on the other hand, you wish to emphasize curves, you should choose light colors, like white or pastels, and also include clothes with textile effects like flounces, large prints, plaids, or horizontal stripes.
  • A matching look tends to elongate the figure.
  • In the case of the legs, go for nude-colored shoes, which will add a few extra inches to your legs, or opt for a pair of pants and shoes in the same color that will give you the same effect. Fashion and color are powerful tools to make you feel beautiful and fabulous. With this guide, you can create on-trend and well-suited outfits.
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