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Allie b - Know the Types of Hats That Exist

Know the Types of Hats That Exist

Know the Types of Hats That Exist. There are accessories that are responsible for giving that final touch to the look and they transcend in time. One of these items is the hat.


In many countries and according to the culture, this accessory is commonly used, while in others it’s only used in summer, to go to the beach or to the pool, also it is an element that may be used for formal events.


It is important to know first all the types of hats that exist and then the use that corresponds to each one of them.


Types of Hats and Their Uses


Allie b - Know the Types of Hats That ExistFedora


This type of hat is made of felt material and its brim is medium-wide. It is a classic and very old model, in its beginnings, its use was limited only to men, becoming popular thanks to the gangsters of the mid-twentieth century, however, it continues to be worn very frequently today, also by women, which makes it unisex, timeless and a wardrobe classic.


It is used mostly in the winter season, being a characteristic element of the street style.




This model is the same as the Fedora, with the difference that its brim is narrower and the front part of it is inclined downwards. We can find them made of tweed, wool, straw, or felt material.


Its origin dates back to England, where this type of hat was used for hunting outfits, between the 60s and 70s. It was called the little fedora, and since its creation, it was considered and used as an accessory for women.


Nowadays it can be worn at any time of the year.




This type of hat has a completely flat crown, and its brim is short, presenting a slight upward curve. It is made of felt and its name is thanks to an English dessert, which consists of a cake named in the same way and reminiscent of the Porkpie.


As for its use, it is very versatile, since it can be found in light fabrics for summer, as well as thicker ones for winter.


Venetian Boater


A very popular model, which is made of rigid corduroy, with a flat crown and brim, which makes it a fresh and light type of hat. Its name is due to the fact that those who used it most were the Venetian gondoliers, it reached its maximum fury in the decade of the 20s, being by then of male use only, and becoming popular thanks to the upper-class people who began to use it.


Later, in the 1960s, this model definitively rose to fame, appearing in the famous movie Mary Poppins, which brought, as a consequence, that it was used by both men and women.


Thanks to its lightness, material, and color, it is an accessory that goes perfectly with summer outfits.


Bowler Hat


It is a type of hat considered classic, being this rigid, with a narrow brim, its crown has a low spherical shape and its material is felt. It is of English origin, its use being popular among stockbrokers and assiduous bankers in the city of London.


Despite being considered the typical English gentleman hat, women also use it for retro looks.


The Turban


The turban consists of a piece of cloth that is used around the head, to cover the hair and frame the face of the wearer. It arises in Asia and was originally used by men in some Arab countries.


Today the turban has been versioned and diversified and is used mostly by women, both for day looks and some more elegant ones at night events.


We find them in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and prints, with embroidery and appliqués, even, and they can be found in their versions, all covered and with the head uncovered.


The Cap


It is a very comfortable and versatile type of head covering, it has a half flat or semi-circular brim to cover the face from the sun, it gives a lot of comforts and its use is very casual and informal.


Its origin is for sports use, but nowadays it is usually worn by both men and women, even on occasions that are not the practice of any physical activity, being an essential garment against the sun and rain.




The cloche is a woman’s hat, made of felt, with a cylindrical body, small brim, and hemispherical cup, which gives it the appearance of a bell.


It had its heyday in the 1920s and is very popular in the movies The Great Gatsby or The Artist.




One of the most famous models in the world is the Panama hat, which is originally from Ecuador and is made of braided straw, a medium cup, and a black ribbon that surrounds it.


Because of its material and because it is always associated with tropical countries, it is an excellent garment to wear in the summer.




As we see them at royal weddings, the Pamela is a type of straw hat whose brim is wide or large. Its use is intended for very elegant and high society day events and we find them, in an infinity of colors and with various details to show off, depending on what is worn and the taste of whoever wears it.




Also with a wide brim, but with the difference that this model can be molded, it is categorized among the classic models and was all the rage in the 60s, thanks to the hippie movement.


Today it is distinguished as a bohemian or neo-hippie style piece, combining a mix between elegance and casual.


It can be used both in summer and in the winter season.


Travel Hat


Also known as a traveler or safari, it originates from Australia and its model is practically the same as the fedora, with the difference that it has the edge of the rear and front wing slightly dropped in order to protect the face and back of the neck, from the sun’s rays.


In addition to being common for travel, it is also common for outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, or excursions.


Rules for the correct use of the hat


Currently, fashion is extremely versatile and accepts countless combinations and uses of garments for different occasions and to achieve various styles. However, the hat seems to have a life of its own, since, for its use, certain rules are still applied according to the model and occasion.


That is why we see how to use it in the correct way and not fail in the attempt.


  • It is used to dress during the day, so it stores your hats at night.
  • The model or design, finish, and details will determine if it is used for a formal or informal event.
  • In case of being in a formal event, the hat should never be removed, not even at the reception site, there is only one exception with respect to the wedding dance or less formal gatherings.
  • The hat is undoubtedly an extremely versatile accessory and there is one for every occasion and for every taste, choose the one that best suits your style and wear it properly and above all safely.
Allie B - Types of evening outfits and how to combine them with Joggers

Types of evening outfits and how to combine them with Joggers

Types of evening outfits and how to combine them with Joggers. The most comfortable and versatile garment of the moment, it is suitable for everything, even for night outings. Many haute couture brands have incorporated joggers in their most recent collections, making them in materials suitable for evening wear so you can wear all the comfort with elegance.


Indeed, the jogger is usually a purely sporty garment since its original invention was for athletic purposes or the practice of physical activities, so, usually, some girls find it difficult to see it as a garment to wear at evening events.


But we tell you that nowadays, the jogger has become a version of the jogger, and many brands have released their version to dress up at night and look elegant. Of course, there are fabrics more adaptable to evening looks than others. However, read on to learn how to create looks with joggers for the night.


Advantages and benefits of the jogger


In times where we not only seek to look good and take care of our image but also comfort has gained relevance, the jogger is the ideal garment to wear and achieve both results, given its characteristics, namely:


Most models are of elastic fabrics to achieve that slim but wide effect and provide comfort, especially in the upper area, so you can place the jogger at the height you want and wear them for an extended period without causing discomfort.


Stylize the figure. Another great advantage for our body is that the jogger can achieve this effect by the slim and wide cut, as well as high, that contributes to giving an excellent image.


Thanks to its hem above the ankles, it is perfect for showing off the shoes worn and flatters the figure.


Because of its versatility, as we have already mentioned, we can use them for the day, afternoon, or evening, casual, formal, and even business looks, without forgetting to use them to put together outfits in the best street style or sporty chic


How to create evening looks with joggers.


Allie B - Types of evening outfits and how to combine them with JoggersJoggers with blazer and heels


There is nothing that adds more elegance and turns a look from casual to formal in seconds than wearing a blazer and heels, and if, as a plus, you use colors like black, white, or bright fabrics and flashy accessories, you will be more than ready for a night in which you will dazzle.


Jogger with jacket set


But we are not referring to the jogger suit, which is the typical jogger pants with a matching sweater more sporty style to which we are accustomed. Here we refer to the jogger pants, but in dress fabric and matching jacket of the same textile for greater harmony and look much more elegant and that the look will serve you for the night.


Jogger combined with black and white


We know that total black by itself is elegant, but if you add a white coat or jacket on top to give extra elegance and sophistication to the outfit and achieve total success.


 Jogger with a black leather coat


Another detail in black to add and completely change the look is to wear a jacket, especially a black leather jacket or coat, so you can look elegant without much effort and quickly and easily.


Jogger with top and shirt


A silk shirt or an elegant top will completely change the face of your jogger outfit, which will undoubtedly be elevated with one of these accessories. Everything will depend on the style you want to wear to select which of the two to wear.


Printed bodysuit joggers


A bodysuit, in addition to stylizing your figure, is printed much better, since you will be ready with a look for the night and also at the same time you will achieve a modern image. Make sure that the print is small and use discreet accessories that do not break the harmony and create a clash between the fabric and the rest of what you wear.


Jogger and sweater


Although it may seem difficult to imagine this combination as an evening look, you only have to include sandals, heels, and flashy accessories with stones, pearls, and a clutch bag. They will be more than enough to shine and stand out.


Tracksuit-style outfit


The popular jogger suit, but in shiny fabrics, will make you stand out from the rest, accompany it with elaborate makeup and hair up to give it a more sophisticated air.


Jogger pants


Some models deviate from the classic and sports models and look much more like casual pants. The fabrics in which this type of jogger is available can even be one of the most eye-catching if we talk about elegant looks.


Straight-cut jogger


One of the most sought-after cuts in fashion is the straight cut, and from this, we can get exquisite looks, and if we also include satin fabrics, linen, etc., much better.


Total look or monochromatic


Another incredible option that never fails is the total look of a single color or monochromatic outfits that are so elegant and appropriate for the night. Wear them with heels and stone accessories for the finishing touch.


Fitted jogger


For a better definition of the silhouette, and if you dislike wearing wide clothes, one option is to wear this garment in its fit version, but try to combine them with stilettos, a sequined top, or a matching blazer, and of course, flashy earrings.


High-waisted jogger


Another model or cut that helps to stylize your figure and define it is the high waist cut, with which you can also look elegant, as long as you choose a colorful fabric, as well as shoes and tops that complement the outfit for the evening.


Jogger with platforms


Platforms are a type of footwear also in trend, so they are ideal for getting a look and going out to parties. Consider the colors that are in fashion because, from these, you can make incredible combinations without having to resort to classic black and also get an elegant and cheerful style at the same time.


The versatility of the jogger is not in doubt, as it works and looks good at any time of the day. Find your style, mix and match and always have fun dressing up.

Allie b - Know the types of shoes and their uses with Jogger Suits

Know the types of shoes and their uses with Jogger Suits

Know the types of shoes and their uses with Jogger Suits. The jogger suit is an extremely comfortable and versatile outfit that has become very popular. Because of the furor, it generated among people, it promises to be with us for a long time.


This type of dress is ideal for casual, informal plans and occasions that require even a little more grooming.


But how do we turn this kind of outfit into something that we can wear, for example, to go to a disco? Simple and easy, by changing the shoes.


Although other factors influence the tone we give to an outfit, such as makeup, accessories, and handbags, shoes certainly play an important role since it is not the same to wear sneakers or stilettos, as both will change the look completely.


So let’s see what kind of shoes go best with the jogger suit so that when you wear it, you fit properly and wear this garment with style and security.


How to wear shoes with a jogger suit


Allie b - Know the types of shoes and their uses with Jogger SuitsIt is normal to associate the jogger suit with an entirely sporty style. Although its creation was for this use, today, it is possible to wear it with both sports shoes and the most elegant, as already mentioned, type stilettos and even sandals and thus obtain from the same type of clothing, different styles.


You just need to bring out your style and activate your imagination to successfully combine this type of clothing with different models of shoes according to the occasion, whether it is a date, going to the movies, dinner with friends, or an evening party.


 By leaving the ankle area uncovered, this garment is excellent for wearing different types of shoes, as they will have the corresponding prominence, allowing them to be visible without obscuring or partially covering them with clothing.


What type of shoes to wear with a jogger suit




It is the inherent footwear of the jogger suit because, as we have already mentioned, this type of garment was originally designed for sports or athletic purposes, so we can say that it is its natural complement.


It is possible to use any type of sneaker. However, keep in mind the following recommendations:


  • Always take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of your shoes. It is a matter of image, so always try to check the condition of your shoes before wearing them.
  • If you want to wear bright, vibrant, or neon-colored sneakers, you should combine them with joggers in neutral or pastel tones that do not generate a visual shock.
  • Depending on the type of sneaker, you can create a casual or glam look, sporty chic, or total street style, depending on the color, if it has shiny details, etc.




Another example of achieving a comfortable combination is wearing a mocassin with a jogger suit. This type of footwear gives you both a more casual and sporty style without sacrificing comfort, plus it’s a sure bet that you’ll look great.


An option that will not fail is the selection of navy mocassin that will serve you for evening outings and, if you go on a trip, is a perfect alternative to look not only comfortable but also smart.




This type of footwear, which can be classified within the moccasin type, is like the aforementioned, without laces, and we can find them in different styles, colors, and materials.


Its look is more elegant and colorful than the common moccasin, so it is excellent for formal occasions or when you need to look more dressed.


Currently, these models are in trend, so combined with the jogger suit, you will definitely be completely fashionable.




A type of footwear that definitely could not be missing to wear your jogger suit is the boots, especially at this time of the year when fall is approaching.


One way to wear the jogger suit is with combat boots, with which you can wear the edge of the pants inside the same, asking to show off the shoe in all its splendor.




Whether they have heels, a sporty style, or a running sole, the sandal is a type of shoe that goes very well with the jogger. And depending on the type you choose, it can make you look more or less dressed up, as well as more casual, more elegant, or sporty.


With heels


In the best style of celebrities, if you want to have an impact look and you have a fancy outing, it’s a better alternative than wearing heeled sandals or stilettos.


Besides giving you a few extra centimeters and increasing your height, they will also help you stylize your figure and look elegant. They can be used both for elegant evening outings and for going to work, as long as you try to combine the jogger suit with garments such as blazers, and shirts, among others.


Depending on the style you want to achieve, you should choose the colors or prints because if you want to highlight the lower part, animal print shoes will be ideal. Still, to achieve a more elegant outfit, it is best to select neutral or metallic colors but unicolored.




Ballerinas or flats are also as cute and practical an option as the others we have mentioned.


This type of shoe is suitable for everyday wear because of its comfort. Besides being fresh, and light, it adapts very well to different styles, so you can include colors, and textures, which in combination with accessories, can give you a more or less arranged look according to what you want or need depending on the occasion. Your imagination will be the limit.


With winter shoes


Yes, the option is obvious, let’s go with boots again, however, here we are going to give you a different recommendation, since thanks to the weather you can opt for more models of this type of footwear, such as winter boots, which come with a special coating for the cold, as well as timberland boots that give you excellent support for water and snow.


Don’t leave out the gardener’s boots, which are completely made of plastic or rubber, and allow you to wear socks for more coverage against the cold and humidity. So put away the sneakers and choose the option that best suits you and your tastes this coming fall/winter season.


The jogger suit is so versatile and able to adapt to different styles that it accepts the use of different types of shoes, colors, textures, and heights excellently. Everything will depend on the occasion and your taste and style of dress.


Shop Allie B - Know these terms in fashion world: Joggers Pants and Jogger Suits

Know these terms in the fashion world: Joggers Pants and Jogger Suits

Know these terms in the fashion world: Joggers Pants and Jogger Suits. Fashion comfort is no longer negotiable. For some time now, garments that not only make us look good but also provide us with comfort when wearing them have been increasingly important.


One factor that had a considerable influence on this was obviously the pandemic, in which, besides the time we had to stay confined, home clothes were our best ally. When we went outside again, we wanted to continue to maintain that comfort mode.


One option that was already in trend was the use of sporty chic clothing, with which we had both comfort and a casual style without much fuss.


But what garments can we use to put this look together? Well, the famous and classic tracksuit, which today we know as a jogger, jogger pants, or jogger suits, is the protagonist of this type of outfit. And if you thought this type of clothing was something new or creation of modern times, read on to tell you how these pieces have been around much longer than you thought.


Origin of the word Jogger


The jogger is a term that comes from the word jogging, which means to execute the physical activity of trotting or running, so it relates to the clothing used for that purpose.


History of the jogger


The original idea was to make sweatshirts and sweatpants, but they mistakenly made these pieces in twill stretch, which is a fabric similar to gabardine. However, the mistake was an opportunity to market the product, as they saw it as a versatile garment and a new option in the market due to the shortage of clothing options.


This set of sweatshirts and pants consequently became sportswear. They used it for activities such as aerobics, walking, jogging, and running, because, thanks to its loose-fitting design and soft and flexible fabric, it was ideal for physical activity, as it allowed for ease of movement.


For the more demure people who did not like wearing light garments or bare legs, it was the ideal outfit because it comprised a pair of pants that went from the waist, where there was an elastic band that adjusted in this area, to the ankles with cuffs that prevented the garment from moving from its place.


Therefore, for many years its use was purely sports-related.


Evolution of the jogger


Nowadays, it is no secret that this outfit is no longer used for sports activities but for casual wear, even for occasions requiring a little more grooming.


The structure of the pieces remains the same, with elastic at the top to adjust to the waist/hip, cuffs at the ends of the ankles and handcuffs, and looseness in both the pants and the sweatshirt.


But as far as designs and colors are concerned, many combinations have arisen. We can even find them in printed fabrics, the imagination is the limit.


And as we know, fashion adapts in time, and trends are setting the tone concerning how a garment will get its use today. That is, in the 80s, the jogger suit was used to exercise with sneakers, but in 2022, we wear them to go out partying and with heels, and so has been the magical evolution of this outfit.


Jogger/Jogger Suit


The difference between one and the other is the sweatshirt. The jogger refers only to the pants already described, and the jogger suit to the complete set of pants with matching sweatshirts to wear either together or separately. So when we talk about joggers, we only refer to the lower part and jogger suit to the same pants with sweatshirts.


Types of jogger


Nowadays, joggers are made in various fabrics since they are no longer exclusively for sports use so that we can find them in cotton, jersey, corduroy, and on any occasion. 


And just as there is a variety of fabrics, there are also different types:




The most common and preferred, thanks to their comfort and versatility, since we can use them to be at home, exercise, and for casual outings when we want to be comfortable.



This type of jogger suit is usually of fabrics such as gabardine, linen, drill, etc., which makes it much more casual when you need more arrangement and more presentable for certain occasions.




We can find them in fabrics considered formal or elegant. However, the jogger is not a garment for such occasions because of its shape. However, we can use them for casual occasions that do not meet etiquette requirements. For a chic touch, you can wear it with a denim jacket, garments, neons, or basic shirts.




Unlike the classic one we have been describing, this model is tight to the body while remaining comfortable, as it is made of the same soft fabrics, providing both comfort and style.




Slouchy is associated with bloomers, so this model is categorized as oversized or boyfriend type if we think of jeans, so it is a model for those who want extra comfort.


Regular cut


The cut is straighter than the rest of the models, and they neither fit nor are completely wide.




Just like the cargo pants, these also have pockets on the sides, using more resistant materials such as polyester for this type of model, without leaving the cotton aside.


Jogger suit is the best choice


Shop Allie B - Know these terms in fashion world: Joggers Pants and Jogger SuitsThe comfy trend will continue to dominate the trends, so we will see many garments become fashionable and get out of the public eye. However, the jogger suit will continue to dominate the tastes of both young girls and adults in search of street style and comfort at the same time.


Another point in favor of this set is the coming arrival of autumn and later winter, which adds points in favor of continuing using it since, for its materials, it also represents a way to be warm in the day-to-day.


The jogger suit, without a doubt, is a piece of clothing that we should all have in our closet, either to put together a street wear outfit or a more casual and elaborate one. It is possible to wear it with sneakers, sandals, or even heels, using light or dark colors, with rhinestones, among others.


The jogger suit is the ideal garment for those who want to look stylish without sacrificing comfort and style.


Allie B - Pants and Their Use Throughout Time

Pants and Their Use Throughout Time

Pants and Their Use Throughout Time. The first records of pants date back to Eastern Europe and Central Asia, specifically in nomadic peoples, where, according to archaeological records, both men and women wore this type of garment.


But in Western culture, the situation was not the same since the use of pants was exclusively for men until the twentieth century, when the limitations got considerably extended, accepting and normalizing the use of pants for women, a custom enforced by both road and legal means.


However, many women proceeded to wear pants as a way of protesting against the regulations that forbade them to wear this type of garment and because it provided them with greater comfort, freedom of movement, and for fashion reasons, even to pass themselves off as men to receive a higher salary, and also as a quest to convey an empowered feminine image, above all.


Introduction of the pants in a reformed form


Elizabeth Smith Miller, who was an advocate of women’s rights, introduced in 1851 a garment known as the Turkish dress, which consisted of a knee-length skirt over bloomers that were wide and tight at the ankle.


This model caused such a stir that the newspaper The Lily, which focused on women and their emancipation, included instructions on how to make it, which later came to be called the freedom garment.


This combination of garments was also present in women who worked in coal pits when, to have more comfort and practicality in their uniform, they began to wear pants under their skirts, being this striking for some photographers who documented this as a way to show women’s clothing in the mid to late nineteenth century.


Evolution of pants through time




In 1890, cycling was also imposed as a women’s discipline, for which a pair of bloomers for sports use was designed to serve for this activity. However, it did not get the expected acceptance, so at the beginning of the twentieth century, the rejected model received a reconsideration, as it allowed more freedom of movement and comfort, being that some laws already allowed the use of the same in sport.


In 1911, the couturier Paul Poiret launched the first women’s pants in straight cut and elegant style, as well as the aforementioned Turkish pants, to wear with blouses and long jackets, providing a lot of femininity to those who wore them.




In this decade, the use of pants came onto the scene in another sporting discipline, horse riding, because after the First World War, women who practiced this sport used the same model of pants worn by men.


Also popular was the use of pajamas with pants for sleeping, and from this (pajama pants) came the palazzo pants, straight pants worn with short tunics, blouses, and long jackets by the end of this decade.




By this decade, the use of pants was so popular and common that renowned actresses such as Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn wore them as normal, combining them with pieces such as tuxedos and fedora hats.


Another important figure who joined the use of pants was the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who even wore this garment in a formal event in 1933 and later posed in a photo on the south side of the White House.


In 1939, Vogue magazine made its first cover with women wearing them.


1940 – 1950


During World War II, in both the United States and Great Britain, women began to wear their husbands’ pants for housework, going to work in industries, and gardening, among others, since they were also at the front of their homes and in the case of Great Britain, there was clothing rationing.


As a result, by the summer of 1944, sales of women’s pants increased.


We also have that the actress Audrey Hepburn continued to contribute to the use and popularization of pants, but now the Capri type model is tight and short to the calf.


1960 – 1970


In the 1960s, André Courrèges introduced the famous jeans for women, giving way to branded denim pants. 1966, Yves Saint Laurent launched Le Smoking, the first tuxedo for women for formal occasions.


In 1969, Charlotte Reid, a Republican congresswoman, was the first woman to wear pants in Congress. Also, this year, actress and singer Barbra Streisand attended the Oscar ceremony, where she went up to receive her statuette wearing a pantsuit.


In 1972, the popularity of the press in the White House continued when the first lady at the time, Pat Nixon, posed in pants for a national magazine. In the same year, the Education Amendments of 1972 received a pass in the United States, providing that girls only should not be required to wear dresses to school, thus changing the guidelines for school dress.


And it was common to see actresses of the stature of Jane Fonda, Diana Rosa, Tatum O’Neal, and Diane Keaton attending formal events and ceremonies wearing pants and even the female tuxedo.


1980 – 1990


Hillary Clinton, who served as First Lady, appears in the official portrait wearing pants. However, women were prohibited from wearing trousers in the U.S. Senate chamber until 1993.


But this prohibition got challenged by Senators Barbara Mikulski and Carol Moseley Braun. They wore the garment despite the established limitation, being followed by the rest of the female staff as a sign of support, achieving the modification of the rule conditioning the use of pants to wear a jacket.


XXIst Century


Allie B - Pants and Their Use Throughout TimePants are already part of our life and closet, as one of the most common and widely used garments. Today there is a wide variety of models, fabrics, and colors available in which we can find a pair of pants, as well as an endless number of combinations to create different outfits and outfits according to our body and style.


The trouser is undoubtedly one of the most versatile garments that exist in the world of fashion, which overcame and crossed barriers until today, a situation that we are grateful to our ancestors, and thus have available an excellent piece in our closets.


Shop Allie B - Finding and Defining your Style

Finding and Defining your Style

Finding and Defining your Style. Maybe you have heard or read about personal style. The details that characterize us and make us recognizable among others make up personal style.


Sometimes it is not so easy to find and define it. Maybe because we like different styles or we dress according to our mood, or we simply do not know how to buy what suits us according to our figure, or skin color, among others.


But achieving this is not impossible or difficult; it all lies in one important detail: self-knowledge. From this, we will be able to determine our style with greater precision and perfect it as we learn more about fashion and understand it.


And to help you, today we are going to talk about how you can successfully find and define your personal style and how this can give you the confidence and security you need to dress.


Personal style


Shop Allie B - Finding and Defining your StyleIt is necessary to start by defining what personal style is. We can understand how our look, image, or appearance reflects our personality and our inclinations in terms of tastes and preferences through clothes by how we manage trends and fashions.


Personal style is not about “being trendy” or dressing according to what is in vogue at any given moment; it is more about how we incorporate these trendy garments into our closets and what we normally wear to enhance our image.


When we choose a specific garment, color, texture, cut, length, print, etc., we are defining our style. We are defining our style because we select all this based on our cultural and social tastes, the environment in which we live, and above all, our way of life.


All this together will reflect confidence, security, creativity, and assertiveness when dressing.


Ways to reflect our personal style


We reflect personal style from head to toe, feet, from the hair clip we use to our socks, shoes, and nail polish color. It will make our fashion preferences and choices known.


Even our gestures, expressions, and how we walk mark part of our style and how we show it to the world.


Ways to identify personal style


My personal style is not strict. It is not limited to one specific style or to specific garments, colors, fabrics, or shapes. We can adapt to a situation that requires a special dress code, such as work, formal events, or seasons of the year, and be able to dress differently for each individual.


Thus, we would feel influenced by different styles, but we add our essence and personal touch. The passage of time also influences us because it brings with it past fashions and garments that were used years ago that burst into the present. If at the time in our history, we were very small or simply that time did not go with our style, it is possible that with its return, we dare to use something that at another time we did not.


Now, you need to know that there are different styles, and it is necessary to know each one to know which one matches our way of dressing and thus be able to work in a better and more effective way in everything related to our image.


Types of styles


To know a little more about fashion and especially about ourselves and our way of dressing, you must know that there are different types of styles, which are:




It is traditional, sober, achieves a minimalist image, and uses many basic garments. We can also associate it with elegance and sophistication.




It is a style that is distinguished by the beauty and delicacy of its pieces and the softness of its colors, finding garments in floral prints with lace, ribbons, pastel, and light tones.




Simplicity, naturalness, and comfort distinguish it.


As its name suggests, it aims for a clean and neat image. It is not a flashy style but rather leans towards discretion, even in how you wear your make-up.




It is characterized by being eye-catching and aiming to mix colors and textures to attract attention.


Sporty chic


The sporty style, but with more elegant and casual garments to mix fabrics, colors, and different types of shoes, handbags, and accessories.




It is very feminine and aims sensually by using textures and garments that fit close to the body, necklines, short dresses and skirts, and flashy and large accessories.




As its name states, elegant garments are used, with fine fabrics and limited use, since they are intended for events and special occasions.




Asymmetrical cuts and out-of-the-ordinary prints dominate it, and more geometrically inclined and futuristic looking.


Learn to identify your personal style


To make it easier for you to find out what your style is, we give you these recommendations:




This is the first and most important step to start defining your style. As long as you know your skin tone, temperature, and chromatic circle, you will know which colors suit you best, and you will be able to take advantage of this aspect.


Know your body type


Another very important aspect is to be aware of our body type. Based on this, we can choose the right clothes and accessories that fit us well, highlighting our strengths and disguising those less flattering areas to give us the image we want.


Identify what you like


Our tastes are varied, and learning to identify and know what we like and don’t like is crucial to building our personal style. How we feel when we see a specific piece of clothing, colors, and textures will help us achieve our main goal.


Imagine yourself in different situations


Imagine how you would dress for different occasions, what you would wear, what colors you would choose, textures, and accessories, among others. Once you make your mind map, you can determine if these suit you and your morphology.


Search for inspiration


The internet helps us a lot and guides us; there, we can find millions of combinations and types of garments that we can see and that will serve as inspiration to dress.


Therefore, a recommendation of many fashion experts is to create a board. The Pinterest application allows us to choose images of clothes we like and classify them and thus know which styles we are more interested in or which suits us. It also supports us to have infinite ideas to dress and always have that extra help.


Clean your closet


You may have a lot of garments in storage; however, not all of them may fit you or match your personality or morphology.


Therefore, it is important that while you are getting to know your style, you do a thorough cleaning of your closet and identify all those clothes that you do not wear, as well as those that do not fit you or you do not like and throw them away, sell them or donate them.


This way, you can have space for new clothes and keep only what is useful and what you really like and thus have a functional closet.


Know the colors that suit you


Earlier, we mentioned the importance of knowing about colorimetry and your skin temperature, whether warm or cold, to determine the colors that suit you best.


Give importance to the basics


When shopping, take preference for basic garments. They are neutral, timeless, and combined with many other clothing pieces, allowing you to create endless combinations for different occasions, even elegant ones.


In addition, it is a way to achieve a functional closet and always have something to wear.


Quality garments; long-term investment


We are referring to good-quality pieces of clothing that are timeless and that will last over time. Investing in one or two garments with these characteristics assures you that you will have them for a long time without needing to replace them often. An example of this is a pair of good brand jeans or a pair of shoes made of strong material.


Benefits of defining a personal style


Shop Allie B - Black outfitsCost-efficient


By having a defined personal style, you know what you want and need to buy without spending large amounts of money on clothes you won’t wear or that don’t fit you well. You can get to the point and be concise in your selections.


Boosts your self-esteem


Nothing gives us more confidence than feeling good in what we wear. It’s a way to empower ourselves and reflect a confident attitude wherever we are.


Achieving objectives


First impressions count a lot. Dressing for success works; either for that job you want to get, for that romantic date where you want to shine, or for that meeting with friends where you want to stand out by feeling good and comfortable so others will notice.


Project your personality and reflect your attributes through your clothes and personal style so that what you wear always makes you feel good and confident about yourself.

Allie B - Get to Know Your Body Type and Take Advantage of Your Wardrobe

Get to Know Your Body Type and Take Advantage of Your Wardrobe

Get to Know Your Body Type and Take Advantage of Your Wardrobe. You probably know what it’s like to plan your entire outfit for an outing or event, only to find out when the time comes that it doesn’t fit the way you thought it would, and you have to change it all last minute.


Maybe you’re bloated that day, and a particular piece of clothing doesn’t fit the way it did on another day. Or, often, it’s because we buy clothes without measuring them or trying them on, and they don’t fit properly.


To avoid frustration and, importantly, to stop wasting your money buying clothes that don’t flatter you, it is important to know your body type to get the most out of your closet and choose wisely when shopping.


It is important to understand and be aware that there are several body types with different characteristics and that each one is special and unique. Knowing your body type gives you the power to enhance your natural looks and highlight your best areas.


If you still don’t know your body type, read on to find out.


Women’s body types



We will talk about the types of female bodies that exist and their characteristics so that you can begin to identify them in yourself and find out which category you fall in.


Inverted triangle


People with this body type differ in proportion between the upper half of their body (back/shoulders) and the lower half. They tend to have a wider back and pronounced shoulders, with narrow hips and legs. This figure is usually associated with athleticism, and it is easy for people with this body type to define their muscles.




People with this figure have an equal proportion between the shoulders and hips, as well as a defined waist and, often, pronounced buttocks and breasts. This body type is well balanced, and the legs will also typically be proportional to the rest of the body.


Pear or triangle


This body type is the opposite of the inverted triangle, with pronounced hips and narrow shoulders. This figure tends to have a prominent bottom, wide thighs, and small breasts.



People with a rectangular body shape have equal proportions in the chest, back, shoulders, and lower hips and legs. This figure tends to have an undefined waist, breast, and buttocks.


This body type is also associated with athletic profiles and defined figures.


Apple or oval


This body type usually has a pronounced abdomen, with little definition at the waist, thin shoulders, arms, and legs, and usually a large bust.


Steps to identify your body type


Now that you understand the different body types, let’s go step by step to measure each part of the body properly:




You are going to measure the width between one shoulder and the other.




To measure here, pass the tape measure behind your back and join it in front over your chest, putting pressure on it without modifying its natural shape.




Here, you will measure your waist all the way around the middle at its narrowest part.




Here you are going to place the tape measure around the widest part to measure it. Now that you have your measurements, you can proceed to verify the following:


  • If the largest measurement you took is the hips, your figure is either the pear or triangle type.
  • On the other hand, if the width measurements of your shoulders and back are wider than the rest of your body, you have an inverted triangle
  • If there is a similarity in measurements between shoulders and hips, then your body is hourglass-shaped.
  • When your waist measurement is higher than your shoulders and hips, you likely have an apple or oval figure.
  • And finally, when your shoulders and hips have similar measurements, the difference with the waist being 10 cm or less, your body type is


How to dress according to your body type



Allie B - Get to Know Your Body Type and Take Advantage of Your WardrobeNow that you’ve figured out your body type, let’s learn how to make the most of it and show off each feature and characteristic in the best way.


Pear or triangle


The target: Disguising the lower part and highlighting the upper part


For this body type, clothes should be used to achieve a visual balance between the upper and lower halves of your body, so you should try to divert attention to the shoulders and back.


What kind of clothes to wear:


  • Tops or shirts in vibrant colors or prints.
  • V-neck shirts, tops, or t-shirts.
  • Jackets cut at the waist.
  • Ruffled garments or vaporous fabrics (shirts).
  • Jeans, pants, and skirts with a medium or straight cut.
  • Dark colors for the lower half.
  • Flared dresses.


What kind of clothes to avoid:


  • Low-cut or hip-length, tight-fitting jeans and pants.
  • Light colors or prints in pants or skirts.
  • Large or very flashy belts or accessories.
  • Low flexibility fabrics for the lower part.
  • Pencil skirts or dresses.


Inverted triangle


The target: Disguise the upper part and highlight the hips


As the objective states, the aim is to divert attention away from the upper shoulders and guide it to the lower hips, so we should wear garments that create symmetry for the whole figure.


What kind of clothes to wear:


  • Dark-colored garments for the upper part.
  • Light colors for the lower part.
  • Straight-cut pants, wide or bell bottoms.
  • Skirts and pants with prints, pleats, ruffles or voluminous fabrics, bright colors, and sequins.


What kind of clothes to avoid:


  • Light colors and prints for the upper part.
  • Flounces, draping, or clothing with volume in the upper areas.
  • Bolero jackets or blazers.
  • Shoulder pads on shirts and blazers or jackets.


Apple or oval


The target: remove weight from the mid-body area and slim the figure.


As we have already seen, this type of figure accumulates more body weight in the middle area of the body or abdomen, so to balance it, we should seek to reduce the volume there visually.


What kind of clothes to wear:


  • Dresses.
  • Blazers with shoulder pads.
  • V-neck shirts or top
  • Wrap dresses.
  • Bolero jackets or jackets cut to the waist area.
  • Shirts that have subtle waist adjustment.
  • Straight cut and plain skirts and pants.
  • Platform shoes.
  • Cargo pants.


What kind of clothes to avoid:


  • Accessories in the waist area include wide belts, scarves, and chains.
  • Very tight or baggy clothing.
  • Pleated garments.
  • Horizontal line patterns.
  • Wide belts.




The target: highlight a single body part.


We mentioned that the hourglass figure is a privileged body type because it is completely proportional. However, it is a curvy body type, so it’s best to highlight a specific area, especially when you do not have a lot of height.


What kind of clothes to wear:


  • V-cut necklace.
  • Garments that accentuate your waist.
  • Dresses or pencil skirts cross-dress, or skirts with ruching.
  • Pants or jeans that fit tightly at the bottom.
  • Straight-cut pants.


What kind of clothes to avoid:


  • Fully printed pieces.
  • Clothing that is too short or reaches the thickest part of the legs.
  • Many layers of clothing hide your figure.
  • Very loose-fitting garments that do not show off your figure.




The target: create fake curves


This body type is completely symmetrical; without a waist or curves, you should seek to create volume and define the waist.


What kind of clothes to wear:


  • Belts in the middle that highlight the waist.
  • A-line and pleated dresses and skirts.
  • Pants with pleats.
  • Shirts or jackets with shoulder pads.
  • Jackets cut at the waist or bolero.

What kind of clothes to avoid:


  • Straight-cut pieces that do not hug the waist.
  • Square cuts.
  • Tight-fitting garments.


Remember that your body type is just as beautiful and valuable as any other type. Hopefully, this guide will help you get the most out of your figure and your closet so that you will no longer be overwhelmed with not knowing what to wear. And with this new knowledge, we hope that we’ve helped spark your imagination and inspired your inner fashionista.