Allie B - Types of evening outfits and how to combine them with Joggers

Types of evening outfits and how to combine them with Joggers

Types of evening outfits and how to combine them with Joggers. The most comfortable and versatile garment of the moment, it is suitable for everything, even for night outings. Many haute couture brands have incorporated joggers in their most recent collections, making them in materials suitable for evening wear so you can wear all the comfort with elegance.


Indeed, the jogger is usually a purely sporty garment since its original invention was for athletic purposes or the practice of physical activities, so, usually, some girls find it difficult to see it as a garment to wear at evening events.


But we tell you that nowadays, the jogger has become a version of the jogger, and many brands have released their version to dress up at night and look elegant. Of course, there are fabrics more adaptable to evening looks than others. However, read on to learn how to create looks with joggers for the night.


Advantages and benefits of the jogger


In times where we not only seek to look good and take care of our image but also comfort has gained relevance, the jogger is the ideal garment to wear and achieve both results, given its characteristics, namely:


Most models are of elastic fabrics to achieve that slim but wide effect and provide comfort, especially in the upper area, so you can place the jogger at the height you want and wear them for an extended period without causing discomfort.


Stylize the figure. Another great advantage for our body is that the jogger can achieve this effect by the slim and wide cut, as well as high, that contributes to giving an excellent image.


Thanks to its hem above the ankles, it is perfect for showing off the shoes worn and flatters the figure.


Because of its versatility, as we have already mentioned, we can use them for the day, afternoon, or evening, casual, formal, and even business looks, without forgetting to use them to put together outfits in the best street style or sporty chic


How to create evening looks with joggers.


Allie B - Types of evening outfits and how to combine them with JoggersJoggers with blazer and heels


There is nothing that adds more elegance and turns a look from casual to formal in seconds than wearing a blazer and heels, and if, as a plus, you use colors like black, white, or bright fabrics and flashy accessories, you will be more than ready for a night in which you will dazzle.


Jogger with jacket set


But we are not referring to the jogger suit, which is the typical jogger pants with a matching sweater more sporty style to which we are accustomed. Here we refer to the jogger pants, but in dress fabric and matching jacket of the same textile for greater harmony and look much more elegant and that the look will serve you for the night.


Jogger combined with black and white


We know that total black by itself is elegant, but if you add a white coat or jacket on top to give extra elegance and sophistication to the outfit and achieve total success.


 Jogger with a black leather coat


Another detail in black to add and completely change the look is to wear a jacket, especially a black leather jacket or coat, so you can look elegant without much effort and quickly and easily.


Jogger with top and shirt


A silk shirt or an elegant top will completely change the face of your jogger outfit, which will undoubtedly be elevated with one of these accessories. Everything will depend on the style you want to wear to select which of the two to wear.


Printed bodysuit joggers


A bodysuit, in addition to stylizing your figure, is printed much better, since you will be ready with a look for the night and also at the same time you will achieve a modern image. Make sure that the print is small and use discreet accessories that do not break the harmony and create a clash between the fabric and the rest of what you wear.


Jogger and sweater


Although it may seem difficult to imagine this combination as an evening look, you only have to include sandals, heels, and flashy accessories with stones, pearls, and a clutch bag. They will be more than enough to shine and stand out.


Tracksuit-style outfit


The popular jogger suit, but in shiny fabrics, will make you stand out from the rest, accompany it with elaborate makeup and hair up to give it a more sophisticated air.


Jogger pants


Some models deviate from the classic and sports models and look much more like casual pants. The fabrics in which this type of jogger is available can even be one of the most eye-catching if we talk about elegant looks.


Straight-cut jogger


One of the most sought-after cuts in fashion is the straight cut, and from this, we can get exquisite looks, and if we also include satin fabrics, linen, etc., much better.


Total look or monochromatic


Another incredible option that never fails is the total look of a single color or monochromatic outfits that are so elegant and appropriate for the night. Wear them with heels and stone accessories for the finishing touch.


Fitted jogger


For a better definition of the silhouette, and if you dislike wearing wide clothes, one option is to wear this garment in its fit version, but try to combine them with stilettos, a sequined top, or a matching blazer, and of course, flashy earrings.


High-waisted jogger


Another model or cut that helps to stylize your figure and define it is the high waist cut, with which you can also look elegant, as long as you choose a colorful fabric, as well as shoes and tops that complement the outfit for the evening.


Jogger with platforms


Platforms are a type of footwear also in trend, so they are ideal for getting a look and going out to parties. Consider the colors that are in fashion because, from these, you can make incredible combinations without having to resort to classic black and also get an elegant and cheerful style at the same time.


The versatility of the jogger is not in doubt, as it works and looks good at any time of the day. Find your style, mix and match and always have fun dressing up.

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